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Using SEO To Boost Your Business

Having a great product or service that people need is essential to building a successful business. However, you also need to be sure that the people who need what you offer are able to find you. Creating online profiles and a website are the beginning to boosting the possibility of your business being found online, but making sure your website is search engine optimized will improve your rankings in popular search engines thereby making your business easier to find. Let’s use the Delaware SEO Guy as our case study for a business that is ready to use Search Engine Optimization to boost his business.

SEO and Your Website

Most businesses start building their online home with a website. Your website should be the place that users go to get information about yourLocalSEO_Map product/service and to contact you. When writing content for your website, it is important to use keywords wisely. Keywords are what search engines use to catalog the information on your website. Identify the top keywords that people search to find businesses like yours and ensure they are used throughout the website. When search engines crawl, or catalog, your site, they will use these words to determine whether searchers will find the intended information on your site.

The Delaware SEO Guy has a website he has used key words to optimize the site. Once he redesigned the site, he made a conscious decision to use words such as management consulting, process consulting, Six Sigma, Delaware, and SEO throughout the site so that when potential clients are looking for a consultant with these attributes, his site ranks close to the top.

SEO and Your Social Media

Users also search social media for your business. Using the same or a similar combination of words for your username across social media platforms will also increase the chances of people finding your business. Using your keywords in your posts will also help when users are searching within the platforms for specific information.

Our target, the Delaware SEO Guy, realizes that he has a unique business name and has updated all his social media profiles usernames to Delaware SEO Guy and his URL’s extensions to DelawareSEOGuy. This not only provides clients with the confidence they are supporting the Delaware SEO Guy but it also improves his rankings when prospects search for him.

Traditional Vs. Online Advertising

Most businesses are familiar with the use of traditional advertising such as television, magazine, newspaper and radio advertising. However, translating what we know about those mediums into online advertising has been more difficult than many had thought because they assumed that you needed a new skill set to be successful. In reality, much of the content that has been used for traditional advertising can easily be converted to content for online advertising.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAjoAAAAJDE3ZDA0MDZhLThjNGYtNDZkYi1hYmYwLTkxOTFjMGFiYjQ1MwTraditional advertising is static, which means once you craft an ad, everyone sees or hears the same ad. Generally, that ad is available for a limited time or in a limited space. Social media advertising is dynamic. This means you can create different ads for different audiences to promote the same product or service. A couple of differences also include: using more colorful graphics, making sure your logo is clearly displayed on all materials, embedding links to your website that users can click through to your website. Unlike traditional advertising, where users have to leave the medium to get to your content; most online advertising allows the users to go directly from your ad to your website.

In our example, the Delaware SEO Guy has been using television ads to build his consulting business. Once he records a television ad, it is broadcast every day during the morning news. He is finally ready to jump into online advertising. The Delaware SEO Guy is pleased to find out that the television ad he has been using can be added to his YouTube channel and promoted throughout the day. His audience is no longer confined to the viewers of the morning news. He can now add the YouTube video to his website and promote it to be viewed at any time. This not only attracts more viewers to his website to see the additional services that he offers but allows him to get more views of the advertisement. He also discovered that adding keywords to his YouTube videos allows users searching for content on YouTube to discover his content.

Optimizing your business using search engines can seem very complicated, however, consistency is the key. Do some research to identify the most popular key words for your industry and use those keywords along with your business name in all your postings and pages. As with the Delaware SEO Guy, you can make a few tweaks to your current business model to easily develop an SEO strategy.



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